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Staying Classy as always San Diego..

Is it the perpetual nice weather? Is it the laid back beach scene? Or is it the pleasant, smiling faces that you see almost everywhere you go? ITS ALL OF IT and more.

Ever since I was a young Midwest boy, I have been drawn to the allure of Southern California. Some of that frankly had to do with the long, cold winters and the many tv shows, such as Saved by the Bell and others. As I write this article today, I can share about San Diego from a visitor perspective and also as a proud local (since 2020).

No matter where you go in California, you can't go wrong. There is just so much to see in this beautiful state that you really should spend a couple trips (one for Northern and the other for Southern California). Today's focus is on Southern California's jewel, San Diego.

No other place I have been to in the US in my opinion has the city/culture mixed in with the laid back surfer-beach vibe. In addition to the laid back atmosphere, San Diego has a plethora of beautiful parks, such as Balboa Park and cultural institutions. In addition San Diego has a booming food scene that I have seen dramatically change over the past 10 years and San Diego county is Home to many Michelin Star restaurants, brew pubs and incredible Thai food.

With the family or if you are headed here solo, San Diego is famous for its many amusements parks (Sea World, Legoland and Wild Animal Park) and lets not forget the most beautiful zoo of all in the US, the San Diego Zoo (the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha is a close 2nd).

Finally, what makes San Diego so special, it's the people. I can attest to this after visiting this city for 28 years and living here for 3 years. San Diegan's are some of the most laid back, nicest, heath minded people you will ever meet. In today's world it is such a refreshing change and if you do come visit America's finest city.. this is one of the first things you will notice.

There is so much to share about San Diego, I could go on and on and on. If you are coming to San Diego for a short or long visit and need some planning advice around hotels, parks, beaches, food and much more.. get some advice from a local's perspective (ME:) I am excited to share my passion about this city with you and will help alleviate any planning stress you might have!! What are you waiting for...take the next step to setting up that Classy San Diego trip and visit


John Blevens


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