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Im excited to partner with Adumu Safarai's to offer this magical safari to Tanzania and Zanzibar...

Ever since I have been a little boy growing up in Nebraska... I have dreamed of the day that I might have the opportunity to travel to Africa and see some of the most incredible creatures on planet earth. After I had the chance to speak with David at Adumu, I knew that I had found a company that I (John-Voyage Travel) could trust and also aligns with our values.

Adumu Safaris is for the socially conscious traveler who wants assurance that their purchase is truly ethical, responsible, and beneficial to people and the planet. Many companies claim these things, but we are the real deal! We are owned and operated by members of the communities being served in our social mission, so our commitment to our social impact agenda and promise is deep and strong.

For all of you who have wanted to take that next step and come join us, the first group planned is for October of 2023, with follow up groups in Spring and Fall of 2024. I have posted a link to an example itinerary below. Information such as cost and availability can be provided at time of inquiry!

I look forward to seeing you on this incredible experience soon!


John Blevens


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