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Happy 2024... How many of you are ready to explore new places? Tell me, what is on your bucket list for this year?

I know that New Years resolutions may seem "cliche", however why not write out a list of places that you have always wanted to go and experience? A dear friend once shared with me, you will always be motivated when you are planning your next trip and have something to look forward to. As I look into the future of travel for this year and into 2025, I wanted to share with you some of the trips I am looking to take individually and also some of the group experiences that my team and I are putting together and open for all of you to join.

Individually-My partner and I are looking to return to Sri Lanka and Singapore sometime in March. Both places are absolutely incredible and offer a unique experience in each destination.

In addition to Sri Lanka and Singapore we are both looking to travel to Mexico City and Puerto Vallarta sometime in April for a long weekend (we live in San Diego). Both offer a great mix of culture, food and relaxation and a chance to practice our Spanish.

Finally on the personal side of things, we are starting to plan a trip to Europe (Italy, Greece and Croatia) sometime in the Late Summer or Fall. I have been to all (3) locations, however Richard has not and all offer a very diverse set of experiences for us to enjoy.

Planned Group Trips-Australia (Fall 2024/Sydney, Melbourne and either Tasmania or the Great Barrier Reef).

Italy-Chartered River Boat Trip (September 2025). Join me along with 25 of us to experience Venice and the surrounding countryside by bike and boat. 7nights/8days with unique adventures setup everyday by bike, where you will get to experience the Italy countryside in depth and with many different activities.

Note: If you and others are looking for assistance with a individual or group travel booking to a unique destination, please contact John-Voyage for all of your travel needs.

Here's to a great year ahead and I look forward to hearing from all of you about your plans for travel this year and how I can assist you in making the adventure become a reality.

Cheers-John Voyage-(John Blevens)


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